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2024 Chamber Event of the Year Nomination

This award is presented for excellence in member-exclusive Chamber events. The events are judged on criteria such as value to the members and chamber, measurable results and innovation. Qualifying events March 2023 - February 2024.
Nominated by:
How many people attended the event?
Tell us about why this event happens. Networking? Fundraiser? Training or workforce event? Public Policy? Please be specific.
Is this an annual or one-time event? Did it occur over a few hours, days or longer?
How does this event provide a positive impact on your chamber members? Be specific.
How does this event provide a positive impact to the Chamber? Be specific. Is it making your chamber famous, friends, or money? Bonus points if you can provide specific examples for two or more of these elements.
What have you learned that could help other Chambers? Can this event be scaled up or down to meet the needs of a larger or smaller chamber? Are you willing to share information to help other chambers learn from your success?
Please attach a copy of the event budget showing total expenses, revenue lines and profit/loss.
Limit one attachment. 8 MB Limit

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