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2024 Resilience in the Face of Adversity Award

This annual award recognizes a chamber’s ability to adapt and lead through a difficult and unforeseen situation (i.e. natural disaster, pandemic, fire, flood, unforeseen void in leadership, etc.) that impacted Chamber operations. Winner will be selected based on demonstrated strength, creativity and leadership.
Situation and its resolution must fall between March 2023 and February 2024.
Nominated by:
Address Block - US
*Required: If you don't know, please give your best guess
*Required: Tell us about the unforeseen situation. Be specific and concise. What was the problem or disaster?
*Required: Tell us about how this event impacted the chamber operations, staff, budget or Board. Be specific and concise.
Please be succinct. Consider use of bullet points and/or list steps in order that they occurred.
Tell us how the Chamber is today. Is it in better, or at least recovered, financial state? Has membership improved or at least remained stable? How has its reputation been positively impacted - how do you know? Provide clear examples/evidence.
MACE is about best practices and improving the Chamber industry. Based on what your chamber experienced, what is the take-away for your colleagues? What lesson has been learned from your journey?
LIMIT one attachment, one page. 3MB Limit

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