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2024 Marketing and Communications Award - Chamber Size less than 400 Members

This annual award recognizes marketing initiative, publication or digital campaign from a Chamber with FEWER than 400 members. The project should exemplify innovation, relevance to the organization, quality content, originality, and audience engagement tactics that provide a benchmark for other organizations to follow.

Chambers can nominate any form of marketing or communication vehicles. Qualifying project completion dates must fall between March 2023 and February 2024.
Nominated by:
Address Block - US
*Required: How many Chamber members does your organization have? This category is for chambers of less than 400 members.
*Required: What is the nature of the project? A printed publication, a digital campaign, a radio or TV ad, a multi-media campaign? Be specific.
*Required: Please explain who were the driving people or entities on the project.
*Required: Please share the impacts of the project. Some projects heighten the visibility of the local chamber. Other projects spotlight members and makes a lot of "friends" for the chamber. And, of course, there is always profit - did this project make money for the chamber? Be very specific. Bonus points for checking two or more of the three elements.
Limit attachments to one. 8MB Limit
if applicable

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