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2024 Executive of the Year Nomination

The Executive of the Year award is presented to a chamber executive who has demonstrated a vision, commitment and passion for the advancement of their chamber and community as a whole. The nominees in this category have proven to others that they are the “gold standard” in chamber leadership and are proven to have the vision for future chambers to follow.

The Executive of the Year award includes nominees from around the six state area and recognizes chamber CEO's for their giving spirit, many successes and humble attitude. While these leaders take an active role in their communities, they are well respected among their peers, demonstrate leadership to the Chamber profession, and give a helping hand whenever needed to fellow chamber professionals.
Nominated by:
*If unknown please guess
Provide a list of all Chambers that the nominee has worked at, and what position he/she held at each chamber.
*Required. Give specific and detailed examples regarding how the nominee has served the Chamber industry at the state, MACE, or national level.
*Required. Give specific examples, testimonials, and success stories.
*Required. Tell us more about the nominees leadership or communication style. What makes them stand out within the Chamber profession? Initiative, fun-loving, caring, great public speaking, risk-taker, passion for the industry? Provide specific examples.

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