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2024 Public Policy of the Year Nomination

The Public Policy of the Year award recognizes chambers of commerce that achieve a significant victory in public policy, whether it be as a part of a partnership with others or as the only organization championing a cause. Qualifying project dates - March 2023 - February 2024.
Nominated by:
*Required: Name the project. For example - School Referendum, Local Ordinance, Tax Reform, Workforce Incentives, etc.
*Required: Was this policy work done at the City, County, School, State or Federal level? Was there more than one governing jurisdiction involved?
*Required: How was this issue a need for your members? How did you determine the need - did you survey members, hold focus groups or round tables? Did the need impact all chamber members, or was it industry specific (ie, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, etc.)
*Required: List partnerships and collaborations that were instrumental to your success. Were other chambers involved? Major employers? Local, State or Federal Legislators who were your champions? Was it the Chamber's initiative or did the Chamber rally around someone else?
*Required: Explain how your chamber advocated on this issue. Provide specific examples (testified at hearings, lobbied for votes, wrote letters to the editor, launched a public-awareness campaign, etc.)
*Required: What was the outcome? How have (or will) your members benefit from the outcome?
*Required: What did your chamber learn from this experience that other chambers could benefit from?
Limit attachments to one, one-page document. (8MB Limit)

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